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Reiki Drumming

Reiki is Japanese for universal life force energy. This gentle but powerful holistic therapy re-balances blocked or weakened energies in the body providing a system of spiritual development. and create a sense of reconnection with one’s true self, clearing the meridians thus allowing more energy to pass through the body.

Sound Healing

 Sound healing uses the medium of sound through a variety of instruments which reaches you on a cellular level, it promotes emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, social and mental wellbeing. Sound healing is said to induce positive brainwaves and alter moods. 


Hypnotherapy is a form of complementary therapy where a Hypnotherapist helps you enter an altered state of awareness using the power of positive suggestion using skilled relaxation techniques.

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About Ann


Ann is a qualified Hypnotherapist & Reiki 

(USUI) Master Teacher and Sound Healer Practitioner. 

Her core belief is that our mind and body can access 

our essential purest state of happiness, peace and wellbeing. 

Her intention is that every client experiences a lasting change 

helping them to heal past difficulties and current stress, 

creating balance and wellbeing in their lives. 

Ann tailors each session to the client’s needs and requirements 

you will leave feeling wonderfully connected, restored and present. 

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What does a one 2 one consist of 


what workshops do you have? where can people find your group work?

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